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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Time List keeps changing from the order that I set

You probably have the time list sort order set.

From the main menu select File, then Preferences...

Click on the Time List tab.

Set Sort Order to None and then press the OK button.


Time Zones for PCs® shows an incorrect time

First make sure that your PC's clock is set correctly both for time and time zone. This is detailed in your User's Manual.

At the bottom right of the main Time Zones for PCs® window there is a master clock displaying UTC. This is the time from your PC's clock converted to UTC. It has to be correct in order for any other time given by Time Zones for PCs® to be correct.

Compare this clock to the current Universal Time given on the website. Our servers are synchronized to a network of atomic clocks and always maintain the correct time to within a fraction of a second.

If there is a time difference your PC's clock needs to be adjusted.

If the master clock is correct but the time shown for a particular location is incorrect, the Time Zones for PCs® database may be out of date. You can find the release date of the database currently installed on your machine by selecting Help from the main menu, and then About Time Zones for PCs...

If your PC has the latest database installed and a particular location is still showing an incorrect time you may have found an error in the database. We actively monitor all available sources and keep the database as up to date as possible. However occasional errors can occur. This is most likely to happen with certain countries that give inadequate (or sometimes zero) public notice before making time zone changes. Please let us know so we can investigate.


How do I uninstall Time Zones for PCs®?

If you wish to uninstall Time Zones for PCs® for any reason, simply select the Add/Remove Programs option under Control Panel, and then select Time Zones for PCs from the list of installed applications.


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