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What is Time Zones for PCs®?

Time Zones for PCs® is a software product that runs in the background on your PC. It provides you with clocks and various tools that allow you to:

  • make international phone calls at the correct times

  • schedule conference calls with people overseas

  • make that trade at precisely the right time


"Why can't I just add 6 hours whenever I call someone in London?"

Well you can. But do you know on what date they change their clocks for daylight saving? It changes every year.

Or what about Sydney Australia, or Bangalore India? Do you know their time zones and daylight saving dates?

Time Zones for PCs® is built around a comprehensive database of over 1500 cities and towns, in 252 individual time zones, across 240 countries. We have designed it to have 100% coverage of all the time zones in the world, and we automatically update the database whenever changes occur.

Statistics vary slightly with each database release.


Time Zones for PCs® allows you to make the right moves at the right time.

It saves you time by providing the right information exactly when you need it.

It saves you the burden of having to find out time information before you are able to phone someone in a new location. You need to concentrate on making the sale, leave the time zone research to us.

With Time Zones for PCs® your company operates more smoothly as all your executives, personal assistants, sales force, and service personnel are on the same page no matter where they are in the world.


And best of all Time Zones for PCs® is completely FREE!


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