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How do I Use Time Zones for PCs®?

How do I Use Time Zones for PCs? Digital Design Ltd. has been providing time zone information on the internet for over a decade. Many people have been asking us to develop software that they can run from their own PC, giving them instant access to the world time information that they require.

The result is Time Zones for PCs®. An incredibly useful and easy to use product.



Time Zones for PCs® is built around a comprehensive database of over 1500 cities and towns, in 252 individual time zones, across 240 countries. We have designed it to have 100% coverage of all the time zones in the world.

The daylight saving rules for every country are built right into the database. You no longer have to guess whether somewhere is in daylight saving time or not. Time Zones for PCs® knows, and always gives you times that are correctly adjusted for daylight saving.

We update the database whenever changes occur, and within hours your PC is automatically updated. We work to ensure that the information displayed is always up to date and accurate. To us accuracy, convenience, and simplicity are everything.

You can select the cities and towns in the database using cascaded lists, or search the entire database for a particular location:

Statistics vary slightly with each database release.


Time List

The time list window shows the locations that you are interested in, and the current local time at each location. All the times are updated every second.

You can have as many time list entries as you want, and there is never any need to reload them. Time Zones for PCs® remembers all of the settings for every user on your PC.



Time Zones for PCs® allows you to create animated clocks to show you the time for particular locations.

Both digital and analog clocks are supported. The clocks can sit on the PC's desktop, or be made to float above any other windows so that they are always visible.

You can have as many clocks as you want, and their positions and settings are always remembered for every user on your PC.



Time Zones for PCs® has a very powerful alarm feature. Rather than you having to work out what your time will be to make a phone call for instance, you can set an alarm tied to the time zone of who you are going to call. So if you are wanting to call someone in London England at 8:15 am their time, you simply set an alarm for the London time zone for 8:15 am.

Alarms can be set for any location and for any date and time. In addition they can be set to be periodic, so for example you can have an alarm sound for London England every Monday at 8:15 am.


Time Zone Conversions

Time Zones for PCs® is not just limited to telling you the current time somewhere else in the world. It has a powerful time zone conversion feature that allows you to convert any time at any location to the time at another location. And all with consideration given to the daylight saving rules for both time zones.


User Preferences

Time Zones for PCs® allows you to tailor the operation of the software to suit your own requirements.

You have control over things like 12 or 24 hour clock formats, time list sorting, and the ability to turn on or off sounds.

Time Zones for PCs® remembers all of the settings for every user on your PC, so it always starts up in exactly the format that you want.


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